Illinois Mulling Expansion of Conditions That Qualify For MMJ

The medical marijuana patient pool in Illinois, which has alarmed some in the state’s cannabis industry because it’s quite small thus far, may be on the verge of expanding.

The state Department of Public Health is considering a petition from potential patients to expand the list of qualifying medical conditions for MMJ, and will hold a public hearing on May 4, according to the Associated Press. After that, a panel of doctors, nurses, patients and a pharmacist will make a formal recommendation to the department.

The advocates behind the petition want to see more than 20 more conditions added to the current list, including post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, migraines and insomnia.

But it’s unlikely that the panel will recommend approving every condition that patients are asking for, the doctor heading the recommendation board told the AP. Rather, the group will be “cautious and conservative” in their proposal to the state, said Dr. Leslie Mendoza Temple, who is chairing the advisory board.

For example, the panel won’t take into account what those in the industry want to see happen, Temple said, in part because the board is forbidden from having any financial ties to cannabis companies.

So far, roughly 2,700 potential patients have applied for MMJ cards, according to the state program’s website. About 2,000 have so far been approved.

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2 comments on “Illinois Mulling Expansion of Conditions That Qualify For MMJ
  1. D on

    Wow that is great news. Patients with other ailments now will qualify for the MMJ that THEY ARE NOT EVEN f`ing GROWING YET! Years after enacting it! The funny thing is for decades we were fed the lie that people who use marijuana are lazy and don’t get anything done. What strain are the government employees smoking exactly that makes them slower then the biggest stoners on the planet?

  2. Daniel on

    They need it for anxiety I have realy bad anxiety I have to take pills a lot of them. I take three Valium a day and two antipsychotic. I have smoked pot and it helps a lot but don’t want to go to jail so I take the pills and they make me feel like crap can’t do anything all day but marijuana helps a lot and I can go about my day and not have feel like I can’t move or think right like the pills make me feel. And the pills make me depressed bad. Marijuana makes me feel good and no anxiety!!

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