Illinois recreational cannabis store licensing stalled by judge’s order

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Licensing for recreational cannabis retailers in Illinois remains stuck.

A judge ordered the state not to award any new adult-use retail licenses until a ruling is handed down on a lawsuit by the Wah Group challenging the application process, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The state issued 55 retail licenses in late July, but lotteries this month to award an additional 130 licenses are in limbo.

In addition, the order by Cook County Judge Moshe Jacobius prevents the state from issuing final licenses to the 55 winners, according to the Tribune.

The next court hearing is scheduled for Aug. 16, so it’s possible the matter could be resolved soon.

The state did award 70 adult-use licenses earlier this month to cultivation, processing and transporter businesses.

It’s not unusual for any marijuana licensing process to face legal challenges.

But Illinois recreational marijuana store licensing, which once was proclaimed as an industry blueprint for social equity, has been bogged down in litigation and do-overs for more than a year.

Additional lawsuits have been filed over the scoring of the applications.