Illinois restricts cannabis electricity and water use

Illinois, the latest state to legalize recreational marijuana, is tightening its laws on electricity and water usage for cannabis growers.

A state law signed by Gov. Jay Pritzker places limits on the amount of water and electricity growers can use as well as setting requirements for water runoff and wastewater.

The law applies to both recreational and medical marijuana businesses in Illinois, where adult-use sales are expected to begin Jan. 1.

The sustainability requirements of the new law are among the strictest in the country, according to Sam Milton, a consultant for Climate Resources Group, which helps businesses pursue sustainable practices.

“It definitely puts Illinois at or near the top in terms of state policies for energy and environmental performance for cultivation facilities,” Milton told the Belleville News-Democrat.

Managing energy and water usage is an ongoing issue for marijuana businesses.

More details on the legislation requirements can be found here.

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One comment on “Illinois restricts cannabis electricity and water use
  1. Karen on

    How disappointing that this article doesn’t provide details on what those requirements are. Having a link to the house bill that is dozens of pages long with no reference to where in the act this information is to be found is lazy journalism. There’s several states that include sustainable, energy efficiency requirements to operate. The real value to readers is when you take the time to educate as to what those requirements are, how that compares/ differs from other states versus make a statement with no supporting information.

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