Illinois Senate panel OKs adult-use cannabis bill, but details are pending

An Illinois Senate committee voted to advance a placeholder bill that lawmakers can amend later to legalize a recreational marijuana market in the state.

The so-called “shell bill” – approved in a 12-4 party line vote by the Senate Executive Committee – is expected to be significantly changed through private negotiations among lawmakers, the governor’s office and members of the cannabis industry, Capitol News Illinois reported.

To read more about the bill, click here.

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6 comments on “Illinois Senate panel OKs adult-use cannabis bill, but details are pending
  1. Mcview 420 on

    This future bill is ready for passage. Senator Steans and Representative Cassidy have worked hard on this for over 2 years now. This must be passed by May 31. The time is now for Illinois to legalize recreational marijuana. The Revenue..the jobs…the’s time. Nobody in government has any other way to bring all 3 of these to this state. They have done nothing for the last 4 years because of previous Governor. And before that have done nothing either. They have no other plans and have never had any other plan that could present itself like this. This might even keep people from leaving this state.

    • Nicholas Madden on

      I’m a resident of illinois. I’ve been consuming cannabis for years. It’s time they “open the door” for cannabis because it will create more jobs! Illinois needs this! We are tired of hiding and buying weed from less than reputable dealers. I’m grown, I should be able to say I don’t like to drink, and I prefer to unwind with a nugget of bliss! For me it’s not the high I value, it’s the fact that I’m an asshole and I seem to be much more tolerable on a day to day basis if I smoke. The state can look at my criminal record and see for themselves! I had trouble for years controlling how I act or react. Weed has calmed me down and I am going on 14 years without an arrest!

      Yours truly
      Nicholas Madden

  2. Adrian Matthew Griffin on

    Every single citizen in the state of illinois is aware that our state is sinking further and further into debt! With statewide assets only bringing in roughly 28.8 billion dollars a year, the state cannot recover from its debt of over 240 billion dollars ! This, coupled with incredibly high property taxes and innert government officials, is destroying our states economy from the inside out. The question of legalization is no longer taboo, over 60% of ALL American’s support a regulated and safe way to purchase and consume cannabis. Not only will the legalization of cannabis create jobs statewide and free thousands of wrongly incarcerated minority’s, it will also bring in billions of dollars of revenue from a new type of buisness. This debate is no longer one of morality or laws of the past, but one of state survival, economic stability and buisness.

  3. John barge on

    I too smoke marijuana I too was a criminal. Since I started smoking marijuana I have calmed down alot. I was mean and nasty but with the help of marijuana it’s all behind me

  4. WILLIAM J HOLIC JR Holic on

    We finally have a governor that’s not afraid the sky is going to fall if there is legal cannabis in Illinois. Rauner screwed up this state terribly.

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