Acreage Holdings webcast, Inside Investor Intelligence: Acreage Holdings dishes on why size matters in marijuana

In the battle to become the leading cannabis brand in the United States, few companies have amassed the influence, reach or war chest boasted by Acreage Holdings.

Join us Thursday, Feb. 7, at 1 p.m. ET for an exclusive webcast featuring a conversation with Acreage CEO Kevin Murphy.

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By 2020, the New York-based multistate operator forecasts a footprint that will include 78 medical and recreational dispensaries in 19 states and a reach of tens of millions of potential customers.

It’s no secret that flexing a multistate portfolio in cannabis not only speaks to scale but also implies a diverse revenue base – a critical advantage in a fragmented, state-by-state regulatory framework.

Rapidly changing rules can shake up markets with each election cycle.

“The notion of just putting up a flag and saying you’re going to sell cannabis – that might have worked for a period of time – but the reality is, to be successful in the long term, you’re going to have to wow consumers, you’re going to have to bring them in with a compelling user experience, you’re going to have to keep them with convenience and selection,” Acreage President George Allen told MJBizDaily’s Investor Intelligence.

On Thursday, Feb. 7, Acreage CEO Kevin Murphy will join Lisa Bernard-Kuhn to discuss why size should matter to cannabis investors – and where opportunities exist for multistate operators.

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