Florida Cannabis Market Update: New milligrams-per-store analysis

Florida cannabis market data remained relatively stable through the week of March 5, with no major trend shifts or reversals to note.

We created a new data point for investors to analyze – total milligrams sold per total stores.

This metric is a straightforward calculation of total milligrams of THC a company sells (THC, CBD and smokable form) divided by the total stores they operate.

Milligrams sold per store is a good metric to track and compare businesses because it can signal store efficiency, which, ultimately, plays a significant role in a company’s profit margin.

The past four weeks of data for the 12 largest operators in Florida are shown in the chart below.

Trulieve is the clear market leader, followed by AltMed, Curaleaf and Liberty Health Sciences.

The top five companies ranked by total milligrams sold per store location for the week ended March 5, 2020:

Total Milligrams Sold / Total Stores 3/5/20
Trulieve 2,948,347
AltMed Florida (MuV) 1,251,468
Curaleaf 906,301
Liberty Health Sciences 879,122
GrowHealthy 864,452

As always, you can view all of the data, along with the charts, in this downloadable file.

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