Iowa awards low-potency medical marijuana production license

Iowa has chosen its sole low-potency medical marijuana manufacturer, a new Des Moines company led by owners of an Iowa food-ingredient maker.

MedPharm Iowa is expected to get the state’s only marijuana production license, according to the Des Moines Register.

The production license is the byproduct of an expansion of Iowa’s MMJ law earlier this year to cover more conditions.

Iowa’s 2017 “Medical Cannabidiol Act” is unusual.

The law defines MMJ as cannabis products up to 3% THC, which contains 10 times more THC than the 0.3% limit federal regulators imposed on hemp.

Some, but not all, cannabis users say they could feel intoxicated by marijuana containing 3% THC.

Iowa has yet to award licenses for five dispensaries permitted under the new CBD law.

MedPharm Iowa is led by Chris Nelson, president of Kemin Industries, a Des Moines-based company that makes ingredients for foods and supplements for humans and animals.

MedPharm Iowa is affiliated with MedPharm Colorado, which is managed by Andy Williams, CEO of Denver-based Medicine Man.

MedPharm Iowa says it plans to grow and process the marijuana indoors at Kemin’s campus.

The state also has yet to clarify which marijuana products will be allowed.

Iowa’s MMJ law bans “edible medical cannabidiol products,” but health authorities will decide later whether that means pills and tinctures are allowed.

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2 comments on “Iowa awards low-potency medical marijuana production license
  1. Susan Ward on

    ,i think we should be able to grow are own if we are disabled and make are own isn’t hard to make and it would help us out not others who will charge so much we wont beable to get it.

  2. dee worth on

    This is a slap in the face, to our freedom and rights as both patients and Americans, to choose what we are ‘allowed’ to put into our bodies. They are telling us, we don’t have the capacity to control anything. We alone, will pay the price, and it does nothing to infringe on the rights of others. These lawmakers are the ones acting like tantrum throwing children, who are throwing their weight around, and overreaching their authority, when they prohibit us from doing what we deem relevant, for our own personal lives. It’s just ridiculous, and shows how greedy they are, and how drunk with power they have become.

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