Iowa medical CBD sales set to begin Saturday under cloud of confusion

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(This is an abridged version of a story that appears at Hemp Industry Daily.)

Iowa’s five CBD dispensaries open for business Saturday to serve roughly 1,000 patients in one of the nation’s most limited medical cannabis markets.

The state’s law authorizes cannabidiol, not marijuana – though Iowa’s lone operating producer is selling THC capsules that, according to federal standards, is derived from marijuana.

THC levels in the state’s products are limited to 3% THC – 10 times the federal limit for the plant and its derivatives to be considered hemp.

The five Iowa shops are operated by three retailers.

Iowa bans the sale of smokable or vaporizable flower, as well as edibles.

Still, MedPharm Iowa, which grows medical cannabis in an indoor facility in Des Moines and operates two of the shops, said it hopes the state’s slow CBD rollout will give it a market advantage if business opportunities expand.

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