Judge: Florida retailers can sell smokable medical marijuana

A Florida judge on Tuesday lifted a stay on smoking medical marijuana, opening up new revenue potential for the state’s MMJ businesses.

Leon County Circuit Court Judge Karen Gievers upheld her May 25 ruling that the Florida Legislature’s provision banning smokable medical marijuana is unconstitutional.

The stay will officially be lifted on June 11.

The judge wrote that delaying her ruling any further would create irreparable harm to patients.

The state’s health department had appealed Gievers’ original ruling, automatically putting her decision on hold.

Even with the stay being lifted, smokable medical marijuana will not immediately be available for sale at treatment centers.

That’s because the health department must develop rules for cultivation and distribution, which could take several months.

– Associated Press

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11 comments on “Judge: Florida retailers can sell smokable medical marijuana
  1. Ted Nielsen on

    Let the patient’s grow there own NOW . Get the lead out and start passing out the license . Follow the Michigan program . Institute this NOW

  2. Clifton Middleton on

    Here are the rules, Get out of the Way, Pardon everyone ever convicted on unconstitutional pot laws, return all confiscated property and begin reparations.

    • Allan Licht on

      I was put on felony probation probation for eight years for having my medical marijuana in Texas on my way home to Florida. First offense 54 years old my wife was arrested just for being with me in the car. Thrown in prison like a criminal. All I had on me was my medical marijuana.

      • Believe on

        Allan, I hope you got a lawyer to help you fight that charge. At the very least, plead your case before the District Attorney and ask him to please help you. Good luck, I hope things work out for ya’ll.

  3. Roseann J. Simone on

    What don’t they understand about over 70% of voters!!!!
    The Health department is wasteing taxpayer money…
    they have so much to do and acomplish going foward. why are they going backwards. they should be figuring out how to get this natural medication paid for and provided to the large amount of people it would benefit! WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS !!! ALL NATURAL< NO CHEMICALS!!!!!

  4. Richie loadenthal on

    It is about time they passed the ruling about medical majiuna. I am 68 years old. Ex usmc 1969 . I have ptsd. I also have uncontroable blood pressure. I have a medical majiuna license. The vape oil is helping but I think I need some thing else. I just left the doctor my blood pressure was bottom no. 90 96 . I could have a stroke or even die. I need all the help I can get.alcohol kills ever day here in Florida. Not medical your eyes people. Rich

  5. Kevin on

    So, can we now buy it? Where? I live in the Keys, what doctors are prescribing down here? I have IBS and only smokable helps

  6. Lisa Gallagher on

    The health department has had two years to get all the paperwork in order. The bill was passed, then challenged by the health department, and then found the request unconstitutional to prevent people from using smokable marijuana. They should have one week to get it going!

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