Judge Forces Denver to Issue Rec Marijuana License

For perhaps the first time, a Colorado judge has ruled that a municipality erred in not granting a recreational marijuana business license to an entrepreneur.

According to Colorado Public Radio, Denver medical cannabis dispensary the Pig ‘N Whistle was granted a business permit to start selling adult-use marijuana only after a Denver district court judge sided with the owner, who had sued the city after being denied a recreational license.

The ruling could prove important for at least a half dozen other rec license applicants awaiting final approval from the city, CPR reported.

Initially, residents living near the the Pig ‘N Whistle had objected to the granting of a rec license. City officials denied the permit. The dispensary owner took the issue to court and eventually succeeded when a district court judge ruled the owner had fulfilled the legal requirements.

According to the Pig ‘N Whistle’s attorney, the city then said the Pig ‘N Whistle would be subject to a tougher approval process.

But last Thursday Judge Catherine Lemon sided with the Pig ‘N Whistle, ruling that Denver unfairly added subsequent legal obstacles.

The decision hasn’t been a huge consolation for the owner, who said he should have received his permit last year, and thus lost out on months – and millions of dollars – in sales.


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4 comments on “Judge Forces Denver to Issue Rec Marijuana License
  1. Sativa Girl on

    What do residents living near the the Pig ‘N Whistle and other cannabis businesses
    most dislike about people with tattoos, people in wheelchairs, and dried flowers for sale? How can cannabis businesses become a valuable community partner?

  2. Haley Downey on

    the problem here is the incompetents working at the Denver Excise and License departmeny, they are crooked and the supervisor doesn’t know the laws and regulations

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