Judge recommends 7th CBD license in Florida

A Florida administrative law judge has rebuked the state’s department of health and is recommending that the agency issue a seventh medical CBD production license to an applicant that wasn’t awarded a permit last year.

Judge John Van Laningham found that one of the five license winners from last year, Alpha Foliage, didn’t meet the legal criteria outlined in Florida law and therefore shouldn’t have received a permit, Orlando Weekly reported.

If Gov. Rick Scott’s administration doesn’t dispute Van Laningham’s recommendation, then it’s likely that either Three Boys or Plants of Ruskin will receive the seventh license. Both applicants lost out last year and subsequently filed legal challenges.

A change in state law this year mandates that any applicant that files a successful legal challenge to the department’s decision will receive a CBD license, while allowing the original winners to keep their licenses as well.

Van Laningham said he intends to score both Three Boys and Plants of Ruskins’ applications himself, because the health department ignored its own rules during the evaluation process.

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3 comments on “Judge recommends 7th CBD license in Florida
  1. Brian Griffith on

    Watch out, Rick Scott is an idiot. He just may dispute it by mistake. The deck is stacked in Florida and has been from the start. The process is so slow and insufficient for all the patients who are trying to be patient for these laws to change.

  2. Jerry Raye on

    I have followed this process from the beginning and I’m amazed that the
    people making the original permit recommendations have not been charged.
    The only applicant to fully qualify from day one is the Grow Healthy
    Group in Lake Whales who feel victim to the corrupt process.

    For the sake of those who need the product I hope the Judge will
    correct the wrong.

    • seesoclearly on

      FL already has a history of corrupt processes that gave us baby bush and iraq and all the mess we still are in. Hopefully this judge is honest and will judge fairly even though he will not get appointed to supreme court justice.

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