Judge rules New Mexico must open medical cannabis market to nonresidents

In a development that could boost the medical marijuana market in New Mexico, a district court judge ordered the state to begin issuing cards to qualified MMJ patients regardless of where they live.

The crux of the issue, according to NM Political Report, is a change in the state’s medical cannabis law that generically defines a qualified patient as a “person,” while the past definition specifically stated that an individual must be a New Mexico resident.

Here are the basics of the situation:

  • New Mexico regulators argue the law wasn’t intended to allow nonresidents to participate in the state’s MMJ program and said they would respond to the judge’s decision.
  • The bill’s sponsor said the language originally was intended to open up the program to reciprocity – meaning qualified patients from other states with legal MMJ programs.
  • The judge indicated he believed the law also is intended to expand the program to individuals who aren’t New Mexico residents but spend a great deal of time in the state, such as college students or visiting scientists.
  • The litigation was initiated by nonresidents.

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4 comments on “Judge rules New Mexico must open medical cannabis market to nonresidents
  1. Martin Beck on

    better when it was in the dark at night and not so popular , cause every greedy , meglomaniac is in there looking for a quick turnover rule,s are as confusing as drunkin cowboy extras in a sam peckinpaw saloon rukus

  2. jeff l on

    i live in Maryland and visit New Mexico 2 times a year.
    I use medical MJ for a condition i have and it`s the best thing going for my condition.
    I feel as if i should be able to use my Maryland Medical Marijuana Card to buy cannabis when i`m in New Mexico.
    If the state didn`t have a MJ program it would be my problem. But since they do have it then i should be able to purchase product while i`m there in New Mexico. I have an ID card that is issued by the state with your picture on it with your medical license number. It looks alot like a drivers license.
    You can even log into there website MARYLAND MEDICAL CANNABIS COMMISSION and bring your picture up with your name and everything else that proves you are for real.
    Why shouldn`t i be able to purchase cannabis? My condition doesn`t leave me when i`m in New Mexico.


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