Juneau, Alaska, police: MJ firms can transport cannabis via planes within state

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Police in Juneau, Alaska, have changed their policy on the transportation of legal cannabis, saying they’ll allow licensed marijuana operators to take cannabis on commercial flights within the state.

According to KTOO Public Media, Police Chief Ed Mercer wrote in a letter to Alaska’s U.S. attorney general and the local Transportation Security Administration office that marijuana businesses with “proper documentation” will be allowed to transport cannabis via air across the state.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The letter also was sent to Juneau’s four licensed cannabis business owners.
  • The Juneau airport is run by the city, not the state.
  • The policy change could be especially helpful to cannabis entrepreneurs in Juneau hoping to conduct business across a state that includes areas that are accessible only by plane or boat.
  • At least one cannabis business owner has been using commercial flights to stock her store shelves since 2016.