Kentucky governor leaning toward medical marijuana legalization

Kentucky should “definitely move forward with medical marijuana,” Gov. Andy Beshear said in a televised interview.

Speaking Thursday with Evansville, Indiana, TV station WEVV, the governor added that it’s “past time” for the state to legalize MMJ.

Medical marijuana, he said, “can provide some relief for folks who would otherwise turn to more damaging substances.”

Part of the reason Beshear is in favor of legalizing MMJ is the economic benefit to Kentucky farmers who choose to grow cannabis he said.

“This is the future. It’s where things are going,” Beshear said. “It’s time we joined so many other states in doing the right thing.”

Beshear also mentioned that Kentucky could potentially grow marijuana to be sold in other states. However, the plant is still illegal at the federal level, so it’s not clear how such a move would work.

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A bill to legalize MMJ in Kentucky was approved in the state House earlier this year, but the measure eventually stalled after it was not taken up by the Senate.

Beshear went on to say he agreed with proposed legislation that would decriminalize cannabis but not legalize an adult-use marijuana, though he’s “open to conversations on the recreational side.”