Key New York lawmaker says adult-use cannabis bill dead for now

The New York legislator who introduced a measure to legalize recreational marijuana in the state said Wednesday it’s “clear” it won’t get done in this legislative session.

“This is not the end of the road, it is just a delay,” Democratic state Sen. Liz Krueger said in a statement.

Key lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office had been working behind the scenes on a last-ditch effort to get a measure passed.

There is, however, a possibility lawmakers will pass a bill that expands the state’s medical cannabis program before the session’s scheduled end on Wednesday, according to New York TV station WPIX.

To read Krueger’s full statement, click here.

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One comment on “Key New York lawmaker says adult-use cannabis bill dead for now
  1. David Feligno on

    Having fought along side of ROC Norml, Long Island Norml, Empire State Norml, WNY Norml, Start Smart NY, and the Drug Policy Alliance, I got to see this from the front lines. NY, something is very wrong with our government. We need change, Cuomo needs to go, and the NYS Senate needs to be refreshed as well. Let them feel this at the polls when you vote. The Assembly was on board with this, and they were not the problem. The Long Island Senators along with Suffolk and Westchester sunk this deal for us by being greedy with the tax revenues coming from the program. Also, letting people like Smart Approaches to Marijuana into our state to chirp their lies and deceit into lawmakers ears was a travesty. We have a lot of work to do, but the fight isn’t over yet. KEEP ON THIS! Demand your freedom, let the governor know exactly how you feel by calling his office.

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