Kodiak Capital Inks $1M Stock Deal With MJ Firm

Kodiak Capital Group, a California private equity firm, has agreed to purchase $1 million of common stock in FutureLand Corp., a Colorado company that leases land and equipment to growers of medical and retail marijuana as well as industrial hemp.

FutureLand will use proceeds from the deal for acquisitions and working capital, according to a press release.

The company said it owns 240 acres of land in southern Colorado and plans to purchase additional land and a grow facility in southern Oregon.

Without providing details, FutureLand said it doesn’t “currently grow, distribute or sell marijuana, but is poised to get directly into the market soon.”

Kodiak invests in companies in a variety of industries, including alternative energy, consumer products and life sciences. It has also recently turned its attention to the cannabis sector.

As of last fall, the firm had committed over $25 million to companies in nearly two dozen transactions since 2011.

FutureLand is listed on the over-the-counter market under the ticker symbol FUTL. It closed Tuesday at 22 cents per share, down sharply from a 52-week high of $15.10 last June.

The stock deal is subject to the Securities and Exchange Commission approving an S-1 registration form that FutureLand must still file with the agency.

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5 comments on “Kodiak Capital Inks $1M Stock Deal With MJ Firm
  1. growerton on

    there is no good investment in this super regulated industry which works with the SEC regulations. Owing properly zoned land in colorado or oregon gets you no closer to meeting state regulations for getting built, water rights, licensed, producing for a $1000/lb market and lower, having your products pass testing, and have a retailer to sell to. many companies have tried this equation and the only people who have proven to get up and selling product have proven to require tremendous capital to get the regulators to look past the fact that they are growing way more than state law should allow someone to grow.

    • Hastings RH on

      lots of 800-1000 lbs around but it’s total crap. Real top shelf still runs 2400 -4000 an lb here in Cali -I don’t see it going down because there’s never enough high quality product consumers desire because production cost are pretty much fixed -if you do it right which most growers have no clue how to do nor have the capital investment to do

  2. Hastings RH on

    Voters were stupid or duped in CO OR WA. Hopefully Cali gets it right but it looks as though we’re inching toward monopoly too. Oh well the black market will thrive if the dum bass politicians sell us out instead of making it easy to comply -they’d collect about 7 billion a year in taxes here in Cali but their too dumb to get their heads out of their collective arses 🙂

  3. F Michael Addams on

    …Mom and pops will have a niche, maybe…what we’re you expecting…some Tom Robbins version of weed paradise..?…Weedy cowboys get the blues…

  4. GS on

    FutureLand’s stock price is down over 98% since entering into a DEATH SPIRAL with Kodiak Capital. They just resell stock into the market and make a huge profit, while decimating your market capitalization.

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