L.A. planners approve marijuana business zoning regulations

The Los Angeles City Council Planning Commission approved an ordinance on Thursday that sets zoning regulations and land use guidelines for marijuana growers and retailers in the city.

The ordinance mandates that retail marijuana stores be located at least 800 feet from schools, parks, libraries, drug treatment facilities or other marijuana shops, according to the City News Service. California’s recreational marijuana law, which goes into effect in January, requires retailers to be just 600 feet from these types of locations.

Supporters of the 800-foot buffer zone asserted it would prevent more than one marijuana store from being located on the same block.

The newly approved ordinance also establishes guidelines on which industrial and commercial zones can accept cultivation site, City News Service reported.

The ordinance is one of three proposals related to implementing a law known as Measure M. Passed by city voters in March, Measure M calls for the establishment of a city cannabis regulatory regime in anticipation state-wide legalization.

Another ordinance that the City Council passed in June created the city’s Department of Cannabis Regulation and the Cannabis Regulation Commission. A third ordinance would establish retail licensing guidelines and rules of operation, but is currently being considered by another City Council commission, according to City News Service.