Las Vegas could OK marijuana public consumption lounges by end of 2018

Las Vegas city officials could vote on social use venues for public cannabis consumption in as soon as three months, and one industry insider expects an ordinance allowing the venues to be finalized by the fourth quarter of 2018.

According to Scot Rutledge, a cannabis advocate and partner at Argentum Partners in Las Vegas, the city’s staff has been working on making this happen for at least nine months.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The lounges would allow cannabis consumption in a social setting.
  • TV station KSNV reported that the city conducted a public workshop to discuss the draft ordinance for the social use venues, which would primarily be designed to allow cannabis smoking.
  • Las Vegas city officials told attendees of the public workshop the earliest the council would take up a vote on the lounges would be three months and that public input is still being taken.
  • Nevada regulators have previously discussed allowing public consumption lounges, but Rutledge says Sin City isn’t waiting for state approval. “Las Vegas is going to do this regardless,” he said.

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2 comments on “Las Vegas could OK marijuana public consumption lounges by end of 2018
  1. Ken Taylor on

    This is only common sense. People who buy and posess canabus legally, should be able to consume it legally. Las Vegas, being the entertainment capital of world, should be at the forefront of this evolution in entertainment. And it doesn’t hurt that corporations will make millions and add thousands of tax-paying jobs for all.


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