Las Vegas recreational marijuana retailer advertises with airline

Las Vegas recreational marijuana retailer Acres Cannabis said it’s completed a deal to advertise in Allegiant Air’s in-flight magazine, another sign of a growing movement by cannabis companies to expand their advertising reach through transportation outlets.

Some other companies that have gone this route:

  • Price-comparison app Wikileaf, which in June started a three-month video ad campaign on Virgin America’s seatback screens.
  • New York medical marijuana dispensary Vireo Health, which last May launched a four-week MMJ public awareness push by displaying posters in almost 100 of the Big Apple’s subway stations.

Acres said it will begin running a full-page ad in Allegiant’s Sunseeker magazine on Sept. 1, the Las Vegas Sun reported, and the campaign will run through October. This appears to be the first time a cannabis company has run an ad in an in-flight magazine.

It will be interesting to see how the Acres-Allegiant agreement is received after Clark County commissioners said they are discussing forbidding taxis from bearing MMJ advertising while traveling to and from Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport because it’s federal government property. Las Vegas is part of Clark County.

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2 comments on “Las Vegas recreational marijuana retailer advertises with airline
  1. David Goughnour on

    As a retailer/marketer of legal hemp products, we’ve received pushback from Facebook for advertising, banks, merchant processors and the like as if we’re selling drugs, with no attempt to vet what we’re selling, THC free nutritional supplements, per them, are in violation of their terms of service.

    Netflix, Hollywood, Allegiant Air and others are clearly doing business subject to interstate commerce rules, the FCC the FAA and other Federal agencies, are now out and proud, in or indirectly in or supporting the cannabis business. This is new, I am in support of it and not saying it’s wrong.

    It would seem to me the rules have been bent in favor of the economies of scale. The banks and merchant processors of these companies have clearly decided to continue business with a wink and a nod. Their legal departments have apparently weighed in, money rules.

    I’m not in favor of sanctions against these companies, their banks, merchant processors or advertisers however it seems some basic rules need to be set to level the playing field, just saying.

    Thanks to MJB for the venue.

  2. Pamela on

    Sell other holistic health products that are not hemp or cannabis related on your website . This removes the statis of cannabis to NATURAL PRODUCTS

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