Lawsuit aims to open up Florida’s medical cannabis business licensing

A new lawsuit aims to turn Florida’s medical marijuana program – possibly one of the most profitable MMJ markets in the United States – into a more free-market system.

According to the Miami New Times, the suit – filed by the Patients and Producers Alliance – is attempting to force Florida’s health department to issue far more business permits than the 13 currently allowed.

If the suit is successful, it could have industry ramifications far outside Florida.

Most MMJ legalization laws enacted in recent years by state legislatures across the country have some form of license cap, which has typically resulted in heated competition for those licenses, usually followed by a bevy of lawsuits from companies that didn’t win permits.

“When you start looking at some of the closed systems around the country,” one of the plaintiffs told the New Times, “you start to realize that this case is sort of the battleground nationally for the free market versus the closed system debate.”

The new lawsuit’s argument is twofold, alleging that the state has violated the will of the voters by:

  • Passing enacting legislation that went against the amendment by installing a license cap.
  • Approving a law that required all licensed MMJ companies to be vertically integrated.

No date has been set for a hearing on the lawsuit.

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6 comments on “Lawsuit aims to open up Florida’s medical cannabis business licensing
  1. Dale Willard on

    Those that can grow for themselves and other patients
    should absolutely be able to do so, that is what we the voters cast our votes for.
    There should be a law that prohibits elected officials from creating laws that are in direct conflict with voters desires and wants.

  2. Curt James on

    Absolutely Dale. Little good will evolve until the politicians, bureaucrats and special interest lobbyists are pushed aside. The government that governs least governs best.

  3. Michael Minardi on

    We are trying to continue to open up this market. Everyone should have the ability to be a part of this new industry. can continue to push for safe and affordable patient access. With Regulate Florida, we are pushing our amendment for adult use to be placed on the 2020 ballot. Join us at

  4. William E Hause on

    The greedy politicians that went against the vote should all be forbidden from serving the public again in any capacity. It is the will of the people that makes America great.

  5. Joyce Adams on

    FL closed business plan for MMJ, should be stopped, it is illegal. Let me know what I can do to help stop this.

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