Legalization Bill Proposed in New Jersey

A New Jersey lawmaker wants recreational marijuana to pay for the state’s crumbling bridges and roadways.

On Monday, Sen. Nick Scutari introduced a bill to the New Jersey Senate that would legalize marijuana consumption for adults 21 and over. The bill is similar to other states’ proposed recreational laws, in that it creates a regulatory system to license growers and retailers.

Individuals could purchase up to one ounce at a time, and private growers could cultivate up to six plants for their own use. Municipalities could regulate, tax or even ban marijuana businesses.

, Legalization Bill Proposed in New JerseyScutari, who sponsored New Jersey’s medical marijuana bill, wants revenues from legalized marijuana to pay for transportation improvements. Under his plan, 7% of marijuana sales would go toward upgrading the state’s roadways, bridges and tunnels.

Scutari is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and he said he hopes to introduce his bill into various committees as soon as possible.

Legalization faces an uphill political battle in New Jersey. Gov. Chris Christie has repeatedly said he would not sign a legalization bill, and he has even opposed widening the state’s current medical marijuana program.

Senate President Stephen Sweeny said he is “open to the idea,” however he said the state is in no rush to legalize the plant.

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6 comments on “Legalization Bill Proposed in New Jersey
  1. Lou Cerceo on

    Dear Gov. Christie. This is a good thing to do for our state and our citizens. Please help GOOD WORKING FAITHFUL CITIZENS, fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters from becoming CRIMINALS by enforcing a DRACONIAN LAW. Our children have been a easy target for SO MANY YEARS. Thier FUTURES have been DESTROYED for such a minor violation. People smoke POT! In this world everyone should SMOKE POT!
    Try it, you’ll LIKE IT! IHS

  2. Sam on

    As a citizen of the great state of New Jersey, I would love to see recreational use legalized. Bring some jobs to our state!

  3. Bill Middlebrook on

    Gov. Chris Christie is just jockying you into exposing yourselves so that he can later hound you down under legal auspices…Recall Dr. Sanja Gupta’s special on Weed…Charelott’s Web? Well, I recall where a NJ dispensary was given some BS compound containing little to no cbd and the poor little girl was thrown back into hundreds of spasms a day. Thank you Mr. Christie. Feel good about that do ya? Feel proud to subjegate your elecotorate for your Pax Romana ideals? … disgust me

  4. Bill Middlebrook on

    Yep, what’s his voting record? what bill’s has he sponsored or contributed to via word-smithing? Expose him for what he is…where do his campaign funds come from….corporations vs. people? greed and self-serving interests of the rich and coporations? what have you done for us ordinary folks?

  5. carl on

    you need the money for this state so quit crying about it and quit taxing the death out of the police and fire and teachers pension system as a slush fund and legalize cannabis for complete use already i couldn’t imagine the amount of revenue it would make for the state of new jersey

  6. Suzanne Haantz on

    why hasn’t Chris Christie explain to the citizens of New Jersey why he would veto any expansion of medical marijuana in the state.end does he realize a lot of people are hurting because the lack of access to the harmless drug.?

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