Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Czech Republic Could Benefit US Cannabis Industry

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A move by the Czech Republic to legalize medical marijuana could create opportunities for cannabis consultants, cultivation experts and MMJ-related businesses based in the United States.

As Czech officials look to establish a workable MMJ infrastructure, they will likely seek experienced professionals for guidance and advice. And what better place to look for expertise than in the US, where there are thousands of dispensaries, grow sites, edibles businesses and ancillary medical cannabis companies honing their craft.

Under a bill signed into law this week by President Vaclav Klaus, the Czech Republic initially will import medical cannabis from Israel and the Netherlands as it sets up a licensing system to eventually grow marijuana inside the country. Patients will need a doctor’s prescription to buy cannabis, which will be sold at pharmacies (but likely not covered by health insurance plans). The country will now work on developing additional rules governing the sale of medical marijuana.

To be clear, this won’t lead to a windfall of money for US marijuana businesses, and there certainly are cannabis experts closer to the Czech Republic (in Israel and the Netherlands, for example) that could help out.

But legalization could create at least some opportunities for US companies – such as those that have developed support products, services and technology for operations that handle medical marijuana – as well as consultants and individual experts who can advise on cultivation methods, security, inventory tracking, etc.

One US company began preparing for this development last year. California-based Medical Marijuana Inc, a publicly traded firm that offers a variety of MMJ and cannabidiol-based edibles through its subsidiaries, recently formed a holding company in Romania to distribute its products throughout the European Union. While some of its offerings can be sold over the counter because they are derived from hemp and don’t have psychotropic effects, the company also hopes to sell its marijuana-infused products in European countries that legalize MMJ.

Legalization of medical cannabis in the Czech Republic “is a very positive development for the addressable market overseas just as it is here in the US; hence we formed the company last year in preparation for the legalization of MMJ within the EU,” said Tripp Keber, head of Dixie Elixirs and Edibles, a subsidiary of Medical Marijuana Inc.

Aside from the business implications of legalization in the Czech Republuc, the development is significant enough in itself, signaling that views of marijuana in general are changing around the globe. The more countries that adopt medical cannabis laws, the stronger pro-MMJ arguments become in the US.

6 comments on “Legalization of Medical Marijuana in Czech Republic Could Benefit US Cannabis Industry
  1. Kathy Smith on

    US Gov’t Patent 6630507 “Cannabinoids As Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants” Awarded Oct 7 2003–NINE YEARS AGO. “The patent, awarded in 2003, is based on research done by the National Institute of Health (NIH), and is assigned to the US Dept of Health and Human Services. Here is a legal document, in public domain, which flies in the face of the US Gov’t’s stated position with regard to the classification of cannabis as a Schedule I substance having no “currently accepted medical use.”” This quote from “The Significance OF US Government Cannabinoid Patent 6630507” by Brinna Nanda July 23 2008–also see and US Patent 6630507) “Cannabinoids have been found to have antioxidant properties…cannabinoids are found to have particular applications as neuroprotectants…limiting neurological damage following…stroke and trauma…or treatment of neurodegenerative diseases…such as Alzheimers..Parkinsons…and HIV dementia.” Thanks to anonymous London Ky Aug 23 2008 via “Yet the us government continues, under the guise of regulation, the scientific study of the cannabis plant while obtainng the patent for cannabinoids.” There is a smell of tyranny for OVER NINE YEARS/ TWELVE YEARS if you start counting on the patent application date of Feb 2 Frank Zappa loved liberty and the Czech people Cannabis very likely could have helped him as he was dying of cancer….

  2. Derek on

    I would be more than welcoming in answering questions regarding Testing, Packaging and the sales process of marijuana. I work with the largest dispensaries in the U.S. and we are leading the way in Potency and Safety analysis.

  3. James on

    I have been a MM patient since 1998. We have no dispensaries in Alaska so I have to find it illegally! Is that fair? Legalize this medical plant God gave us! Worldwide! Bless You!:)

  4. Balboacaregivers inc on

    As far away as Russia has seen the benefit of mmj why can’t the us congress take their heads out of the sand ,
    They are already making millions of $ from taxing mmj but still putting people in jail for it ,I take my hat off to you Russia .

  5. Steven Learn on

    Looking like FL bein full of Rs is gonna hold out to be the LAST states to become sensible thinkers!! Which cuz of location WILL be covered & filled w/smuggled drugs cartels, taking over, Of which the state will ONLY be paid for by taxpayers!! WHY NOT PROFIT!!….DFD!

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