Licensing Delay Could Hurt Oregon Extract Companies

The Oregon Health Authority plans to launch the licensing application process for commercial extract companies on April 1, and in the meantime, is warning medical marijuana dispensaries not to accept cannabis extracts from unlicensed processors.

The wait will likely disrupt the state’s marijuana processing industry, which makes extracted products like butane hash oil and CO2 oil for the MMJ market, according to The Oregonian.

Dispensaries can keep selling extracted products already on their shelves, but there will likely be a pause on new products until the licensing system is operational.

The manager of the state’s medical marijuana program, Andre Ourso, told the paper that licensing is just the first step in a months-long process which involves reviewing applications, making sure companies are compliant with local fire safety requirements and other rules, and testing products for pesticides.

On top of that, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill this month make the unlicensed production of marijuana extracts a felony.

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3 comments on “Licensing Delay Could Hurt Oregon Extract Companies
  1. jim on

    obviously they got a bit ahead of themselves…pretty difficult to require a licensing prior to have the availability in place…too bad so many entrepreneurs now have to completely stop all work…hopefully they will re-look at the implications sooner than later

    • David Harkness on

      No doubt. They’ve gone this long without rules and licenses, but now that they’re (not quite) ready they decide that all those extracts are suddenly unsafe and must be blocked. It seems more prudent and efficient to let the current process continue until they are actually ready to issue licenses and perform inspections. But who’s surprised?

  2. Peter on

    With the recent bho explosion and the governor making unlicensed extraction of oils a felony, It’s an issue that has to be addressed. Fortunately I am in other markets besides co2 extractions.

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