Los Angeles County officials weigh mass medical marijuana raids

Some 70 medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles County could be shut down this week if local officials decide to target them for raids.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is considering a proposal to crack down on the dispensaries – which currently are illegal under local laws – as California gears up to implement statewide regulations and oversight on the MMJ and recreational cannabis industries.

Medical marijuana dispensaries have been banned in unincorporated areas of the county since 2011, according to L.A. Weekly, but local officials have not aggressively targeted them previously.

During Wednesday’s meeting, county officials are expected to vote on a $25 million plan, proposed by the sheriff’s department, that would target the illegal operations, L.A. Weekly reported. The action could help the board create a fresh start toward a fully legal market.

But marijuana advocates want county officials to provide a path to legalization instead of cracking down on those businesses.

“We’re concerned for the county to take a position that’s enforcement-driven instead of providing a pathway toward licensing and regulation,” Attorney Ariel Clark, chair of the Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force, told L.A. Weekly.

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6 comments on “Los Angeles County officials weigh mass medical marijuana raids

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? $25,000,000 TO CLOSE THOSE SHOPS?!? IT’S their job to enforce the law so why do they need $25,000,000? if the shops are illegal they should have closed them back when……………

    • Andre Tate on

      I agree…But the Sheriffs just want to show Bust Records…as if they actually are doing something…they and everyone else drives by these places everyday…not the want an incentive to do their job…
      I’m for the original 135….IOC…but the illegal ones and their arrogant owner operators…need to go…

  2. ZachG on

    I have seen enough, “low key” dispensary operations that have evaded legal channels and agree these organizations need to be removed from the populous to create a fully legal market. However, there is indications that legal distribution will be aggressively attacked by federal organizations. So LA does away with grey area dispensaries and opens the legal market, then the federal authorities shut down these new legal operations, thus creating an extreme shortage to local consumers. I believe that will create such high demand that you begin to see a growing foothold in the black market issues that this whole process was trying to get away from to begin with. Side note: $25mil. … I don’t know if that is budgeted in an efficient system cus that seems grossly overestimated.

  3. Rick Fague on

    I live in WA, so been there, done that. The state gave out an enforcement date and told all the illegal shops to close by that date or face the consequences, so they closed.

    These shops were selling it out the front and back doors so they had to go or risk bringing the fed down on everyone.

    If things work out in CA like they did here, you’ll have a healthy legal industry and still have a healthy black market too, just without shops. Some things never change.

    The biggest mistake in WA was doing away with MMJ, now we can’t even smell what we’re buying before we buy it since they packaged and sealed everything. Yes, we still have MMJ in rec shops but good luck buying it from people with no MMJ experience.

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