Los Angeles seeking advisers for cannabis social equity program

The Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR) issued a request for qualifications as it searches for consultants to help shape what is thought to be the largest municipal marijuana social equity program in the nation.

The agency is looking for “consultants to develop and conduct business development curriculum, training, business, licensing and compliance assistance, and related services to support applicants and licensees eligible” for the program, according to a news release.

The DCR is currently prevetting applicants for the social equity program to ensure that those awarded licenses meet certain criteria. That process began May 28 and lasts until July 29.

Between now and then, the DCR hopes to “exponentially expand business support through the use of on-call consultants,” according to the release.

The deadline for any bids to be submitted to the DCR is July 12 at 2 p.m. PT.

Contracts will be awarded beginning around Aug. 1.

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3 comments on “Los Angeles seeking advisers for cannabis social equity program
  1. Pat on

    This whole “social equity” thing is a crock. The state of ca. damn well knew before any law came out regulating cannabis, had its basis in the disenfranchised, minorities and otherwise lower socioeconomic rungs of society, were the main actors whom took most of the risk. Why weren’t these folks given first crack? Unless you cancel everyone’s current licenses and start over; what good is this SE program? Most of the legal and relevant business connections have been made. That’s where the big money is. There’s really nothing left of significance for the aforementioned compromised and pioneering group. My advice to the one’s that got screwed: Stay grey/black/invisible; because the state and local gov’s like these don’t care about you, at all. AT ALL. Never did.

  2. Melchor Runningwolf on

    Up to 300 applicants maybe be chosen for a green lottery. I’ll be glad to work towards making my business a success. I have a family so failure is not an option at this point. I was one of those drug war victims injured on both fronts, luckily I survived it, and now I am one of the applicants for this program. My van was damaged by the CHP, I had to spend hundreds for the impound plus a days wages, I had to spend additional money to drive back to Sacramento for a court appearance. It was BS but not as bad as others who can never get anything in return, I can only speak for myself but this is good justice, I definitely prefer this social equity program over an apology any day. I am ready to get to work and serve my community.

  3. J Fizzle on

    Never understood how the City required a location/rental agreement to issue a license when it’s illegal to lease to one without a license. The only way was to encourage a landlord with several months up front or pay enormous monthly-not socially equitable.

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