Louisiana activists seek to expand medical cannabis conditions list

Medical marijuana may be legal in Louisiana, but not for everyone who wants or needs it.

That’s a situation some activists are already pushing to fix.

They want to add post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain to the current list of medical ailments that will qualify patients for MMJ under the state’s restrictive program, KNOE 8 News reported.

Under Louisiana’s current law, only those with one of eight specific conditions can register with the state as an MMJ patient and be eligible to purchase cannabis.

The addition of PTSD – and especially chronic pain – could give the Louisiana MMJ program a major boost. In most states with functioning medical cannabis industries, pain patients make up by far the bulk of customers.

MMJ sales have not yet started in Louisiana, but one licensed pharmacy has announced it may begin sales in September.

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3 comments on “Louisiana activists seek to expand medical cannabis conditions list
  1. Linda Brady on

    Cannabis taken from the Hemp plant is very different than marijuana. When you keep using MMJ as a descriptor you reinforce the fear of those who do not understand the differences. It seems like you might find another way to represent it.

    • dbrown on

      To recap, Cannabis sativa is cultivated for fuel and fiber as hemp or for medicine as medical marijuana. Each is the same (genetically identical) plant, but simply bred for different attributes. Hemp is merely Cannabis sativa that has been grown for low THC and with a THC level below 0.3% THC, it then garnered a different legal moniker – that’s all. There’s is nothing “very different” about one or the other aside from having one singular cannabinoid at a far lower level and merely because of how the exact same plant was grown or bred.

  2. sharon bell on

    i live in “constant” pain from rhuematoid arthritis…not on the list of medical conditions acceptable for medeical marijuana in Louisiana…options for treatment; methotrexate, bioligics, infusions…all have potential fatal side affects….pain with ra is not considered when dispensing pain releivers….so i, among too many others, suffer , “or”, left to find relief…on our own….we become “criminals”….street drugs, illegal marijuana…we do not have a choice to use cbd oil….a safe, natural alternative to man made toxic treatments, or criminal activity…i have not explored illegal marijuana dealers…but after 3 months of excruciating pain, 24/7…ENOUGH !!!! be damned if i continue to suffer, while elected politicians sit on their butts,

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