Louisiana doctors not showing much interest in MMJ program

As Louisiana’s medical marijuana program nears its launch, only two doctors have applied for permission to recommend the drug, raising questions about whether the state’s MMJ system will need tweaking in order to establish a viable industry.

One application for the permit required to recommend MMJ to patients has been approved for a Baton Rouge physician and the other application is under review, according to the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners.

The pharmacist who sponsored the state’s MMJ laws said he’s not worried just yet.

Republican Sen. Fred Mills hopes to see an uptick in permit requests from doctors in early 2018 when the growing operations have started, MMJ sales are only months away and patients start asking how they’ll get it.

Louisiana’s law will eventually get medical cannabis to people with cancer, a severe form of cerebral palsy, seizure disorders, epilepsy, muscular dystrophy and other diseases.

The state allows marijuana in the form of medicinal oils, pills, sprays and topical applications, but it cannot be sold in a form that can be smoked.

Only the agricultural centers at Louisiana State University and Southern University are allowed to grow MMJ.

– Associated Press

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4 comments on “Louisiana doctors not showing much interest in MMJ program
  1. Darwyn on

    It’s very sad to hear southern doctors won’t stand up for their sick patients. If the patients weren’t scared of the flak from the people in their church’s n community. They can’t get their brains around all the bad things about cannabis are untrue. The ignorance sorounding the south from those making the rules are the old who beat the bible n know it inside n out. But won’t do any research or trust the experts who researched cannabis so it would be safe. They want opioids to keep killing their children, keeping them in prison and ruining families. Not until the south excepts the real truth will sick people get their meds

  2. clifton middleton on

    The doctors in Louisiana are all over weight cardiologists looking to perform as many operations as possible. They do not know about health or marijuana much less care …

  3. David South on

    Having a law that requires a Dr prescription for cannabis is absurd. Doctors do not know a lot about cannabis, how could they? There is no medical training on cannabis so I reject the idea doctors are experts on the subject. They know what big pharma has put in front of them in the form of pills. Let people self medicate with cannabis. The science is there and the fact it is impossible to overdose on cannabis makes it so much safer than most prescribed medication.

  4. Douglas on

    Can anyone find a list of doctors in Louisiana who have been approved to write marijuana prescriptions?

    And, a list of pharmacies approved to dispense marijuana?

    My wife is going through chemo right now and I believe it could help her…

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