Louisiana expected to begin growing medical cannabis Aug. 17

Louisiana’s first legal crop of medical marijuana can be planted this week.

Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain, whose agency regulates the state’s burgeoning industry, loosened a regulatory logjam that created a monthslong delay.

Strain’s team met with Louisiana State University AgCenter Chancellor Bill Richardson and the head of the school’s marijuana contractor, GB Sciences Louisiana, to clear the path for production, the Monroe News-Star reported.

Strain expects to give GB Sciences a “temporary go-ahead” after a final inspection Aug. 16.

The crop could then be planted in a temporary portion of the growing facility, dubbed a turnkey “exterior pod,” which GB Sciences built to expedite the approval process.

The product will be contained in that pod from germination until it’s packaged.

GB Sciences President John Davis says the company expects to plant a crop Aug. 17.

Davis said marijuana takes about three months to mature, so the first product isn’t expected to be available to patients until November – months later than originally projected.

Medical cannabis can be recommended only in pill or oil form the way the current law is written.

– Associated Press

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One comment on “Louisiana expected to begin growing medical cannabis Aug. 17
  1. Christopher Behr on

    Total nonsense. How is Louisiana going to have a successful marijuana program by not allowing smokable form of the medicine and limiting access to only a certain number of people. ?? This program has failed already and it hasn’t even started yet. As the rest of the country moves forward with success Louisiana once again still remains an anti marijuana state continuing to encarcerate hard working citizens with families due to petty simple possession of the herb. All the while Louisiana will remain in debt and showing the rest of the world it will continue to live by Napoleon law . Did Louisiana learn nothing from Colorado n California’s marijuana program?? If Louisiana won’t do this right then don’t do it all. LOWSYANA LOWSYANA LOWSYANA
    Will you ever care about what the people here want ??

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