Louisiana Governor Open to MMJ

The governor of Louisiana said he supports the legalization of medical marijuana as long as it’s distributed under “very strict supervision” – one of the strongest pro-MMJ comments yet by a high-ranking elected official in the South.

Gov. Bobby Jindal made the remarks Wednesday while answering questions from the media, saying he would back a program with tight rules to prevent abuse. He was asked about his views on MMJ a day after a House committee held an informational meeting with the public to discuss the possibility of legalizing marijuana for medical or recreational use.

His tentative support is significant, as few lawmakers in this highly conservative state support medical marijuana. In fact, Louisiana still can put repeat offenders in jail for life for simple possession of marijuana.

Jindal’s comments will likely elevate the discussion and perhaps lead to a legalization bill, though such a measure would face stiff resistance.

No state in the South has legalized medical marijuana to date – the last major region of the country without MMJ laws.

Surprisingly, Louisiana actually passed a medical marijuana law in the 1990s. But lawmakers never implemented it, and as of now it’s dead in the water.

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  1. Please See The Light on

    Thank GOD. I wish the rest of the world would wake up and educate themselves about the medical benefits of marijuana. It is not about, oh look at me, I am stoned and so cool man, it is about the healing properties of the plant and how it can benefit all of mankind. Regulate it, tax it, just please pass a medical marijuana bill so patients like me and others in extreme pain can use it for its healing powers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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