Louisiana medical marijuana grower to sell CBD products

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Ilera Holistic Healthcare, a medical marijuana grower in Louisiana, plans to sell CBD products nationwide.

A contractor for Baton Rouge-based Southern University, Ilera will also sell the over-the-counter CBD products at all but one medical marijuana dispensary in Louisiana.

“We’ll be the first university in the United States to do a national CBD launch,” Ilera CEO Chanda Macias told The Advocate.

Ilera will begin selling MMJ in Louisiana “very soon,” according to Macias.

The company is growing 2,300 plants in Baker, Louisiana. The first seeds were planted in July.

In 2018, Ilera acquired the majority of the company that Southern initially selected as its contractor after that firm made little progress.

Wellcana, a separate company contracted by Louisiana State University, started selling medical marijuana in the state in 2019 after paying $16 million to acquire the previous provider.

Only LSU and Southern are permitted to grow marijuana in Louisiana.

Wellcana is selling CBD and marijuana tinctures across Louisiana, but those products come from marijuana plants and have more than 0.3% THC.

– Associated Press