Louisiana medical marijuana sales delayed by lack of testing lab

A failure to find an independent testing lab will delay medical marijuana sales in Louisiana at least until January, roughly two months after the market was originally anticipated to launch.

The lack of an independent lab also means Louisiana’s Department of Agriculture department will handle product testing for now, The Advocate reported.

GB Sciences, one of two licensed growers in the state, was supposed to harvest its first crop of medical marijuana this month and provide samples for testing to Louisiana’s agriculture department around Nov. 1.

A department spokeswoman told the Baton Rouge newspaper it will take four to six weeks to get those results back.

The department will also test the final product to ensure the formulation in the bottles matches what is on the label. That second round of testing will take a shorter amount of time, the spokeswoman said.

The state’s other cultivation company, Advanced Biomedics, is much farther behind than GB Sciences in its growth process, The Advocate reported.

Louisiana’s pharmacy board awarded nine licenses to pharmacies in the state to sell medical cannabis. Most of the pharmacies said they will be ready to open by January or earlier, according to the newspaper.

The agriculture department invited testing businesses to apply for marijuana testing permits but didn’t receive what it considered suitable takers.

Now, the agriculture department will have to make an emergency rule change allowing the agency to test MMJ products.

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4 comments on “Louisiana medical marijuana sales delayed by lack of testing lab
  1. Gentle Jim on

    Once again the “fear of BAD pot” without any previous harmful examples of injured patients will be used to delay medication to those who need it now. All the while the big pharma and alcohol and tobacco industries have more time to buy the cannabis businesses up.
    what a sham!
    Gentle Jim

  2. Joshua on

    Although medical would be great I believe we should go ahead and do recreational marijuana as well because this will mean we would have the ability to proscribe medical to the ones who need it but then also with recreational could benefit us by giving us the help of making new things with marijuana rather then just leaving it to just people who need it an would also teach the people against it. It is not bad and could help in multiple ways than just for people with problems such as me… Thank you for listening to what I had to say. I will be a voter for recreational use of this when the time has come in the mean time I’m going to kick back work an wait for legal use rather then get my whole life screwed just because I was using something that helps me with my bipolar problems unlike the medicine the pharmacy prescribed me…

  3. Joe Peklo on

    Oh well I’ve been getting it in Florida for the past 5 months what’s a few more months? And honestly I’ll probably keep getting it there due to the prices docs here are talking about charging per visits

  4. James on

    If Louisiana legalize marijuana for people 21 years of age and older, they can fix all the potholes we have, feed all the the kids that don’t have anything to eat, but we can go to the store and get anything to drink that kill,s more people on the road.marijuana never killed anyone.

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