Louisiana medical marijuana sales could launch in May

Barring any more unforeseen hurdles, medical cannabis sales in Louisiana might begin as soon as next month.

But before the state gives the greenlight, it needs the all-clear from testing labs.

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry is holding off on authorizing sales until pesticide tests ensure no MMJ products are contaminated, according to Baton Rouge TV station WAFB.

“We have a goal, everyone has a goal of May,” Mike Strain, the commissioner of the agency, told WAFB.

“If you were just creating a smokable product, then it would still require pesticide testing for sure because that’s what has popped up in other states.”

Strain said he’s hoping the testing will be finished by May 15. It’s not clear how long after that date sales may begin.

One of Louisiana’s early MMJ crops passed muster in February for potency, pesticides, mycotoxins, residual solvents and heavy metals.

But none of the nine licensed pharmacies authorized to sell MMJ has been given the go-ahead to begin sales.

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One comment on “Louisiana medical marijuana sales could launch in May
  1. Brandon L Guidry on

    As a resident of the state of Colorado and a current medical marijuana card holder. I think it would be greatly beneficial to the state of louisiana to reach out to states such as Colorado who do profoundly well in economic development because of medical and recreational marijuana sales. I also think it would be greatly beneficial in seeking advice on how they test their products as well. Ultimately I believe with louisiana being in such a large debt economically, I believe that Louisiana would definitely rise to the occasion on becoming one of the souths most visited states again and nit just for the food but marijuana as well. Think about the revenue that this would generate as well as hundreds of new jobs that would be robust. Louisiana wouldnt be solely known as the oil and gas state but one of the greatest safest states this country has. Thanks for listening.

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