Luxembourg’s medical cannabis program continues rapid implementation

Luxembourg’s medical marijuana program – approved in June 2018 – continues its fast-paced implementation, as 250 doctors have already completed the required training to prescribe the product.

Roughly two-thirds of those doctors are generalists.

Minister of Health Etienne Schneider provided the update in response to a parliamentary question from Martine Hansen, a member of Parliament from the Christian Social People’s Party.

The Health Minister also noted that:

  • More than 120 patients currently use medical cannabis, with roughly 7 kilograms (15 pounds) of product dispensed since they first became available.
  • Products are currently available only in the form of flower.
  • Logistical issues delayed the availability of oils – which are supposed to be included in the program – but they should become procurable in the second half of 2019.

Aurora Cannabis was the first – and, so far, the only – company to strike a supply deal with Luxembourg for medical cannabis. According to RTL Today, the agreement was for 20 kilograms for 50,000 euros ($56,227) or 2.5 euros per gram.

The current government is expected to legalize recreational marijuana during this legislative period, under a plan announced last November.