MA lawmakers mull delay in rec marijuana law rollout

Massachusetts state Senate President Stanley C. Rosenberg, a Democrat who favored adult-use legalization, confirmed that lawmakers are discussing a delay in the rollout of the state’s recreational marijuana law that voters passed on Nov. 8.

He said all deadline dates were “on the table,” according to the Boston Globe. The reason? To give officials more time to craft regulations.

Some key dates include Dec. 15, when the new law says recreational cannabis can be legal to possess and consume for persons 21 years of age and older, and March 1, when the state treasurer is supposed to name the three members of a cannabis commission.

Rosenberg told reporters that if lawmakers slow the program’s rollout, “it’s going to be a very time-limited delay,” according to the Globe.

The newspaper also reported that any changes in the timeline could be made during informal legislative sessions that take place over the holidays. Few elected officials attend those sessions.

State Treasurer Deborah Goldberg has also spoken in favor of delays, while Gov. Charlie Baker – an opponent of legalization – wants to implement the new law “briskly.”

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