MA Medical Cannabis Businesses Advancing Despite Uncertainty

Medical marijuana companies are moving forward with their plans in Massachusetts even though the incoming governor says he’s not quite sold on the state’s MMJ laws.

Owners of four planned grows and dispensaries in the south Boston suburbs, for instance, are still planning to open despite Gov.-Elect Charlie Baker’s assertion last week that state regulations governing the industry may be “problematic,” an indication that changes may be in store for cannabis businesses after he takes office.

Baker has said he would “vigorously” oppose recreational marijuana legalization in Massachusetts and has reservations about the state’s medical cannabis regulations.

City leaders in some of the Boston suburbs where MMJ businesses hope to open are still high on the industry, which will pump significant tax dollars into municipalities and the state.

A company called Ermont, which will open a combined dispensary and grow operation in Quincy, has acquiesced to every demand made by the city, a spokesman for Mayor Thomas Koch told the Boston Globe.

In Good Health, a grower and dispenser set to start operating in Brockton, will pay 3% of its gross income, or at least $100,000, to the city, and another 1% to groups battling substance abuse.

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