MA regulators investigate licensing limits of cannabis firms Acreage, Sea Hunter

Massachusetts regulators are scrutinizing whether cannabis companies Acreage Holdings and Sea Hunter Therapeutics violated state limits on how many marijuana business licenses a single entity can own, according to The Boston Globe.

News of the investigation comes on the heels of a report from the newspaper that questioned whether the two companies controlled an excess of licenses through complex business networks, high-interest loans and other methods.

For more details on the investigation, click here.

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4 comments on “MA regulators investigate licensing limits of cannabis firms Acreage, Sea Hunter
  1. DJF on

    And they bragged about it to investors. This puts the CCC in a precarious spot, one that they know well. While small businesses are being shut out of the licensing process and only a very select few have been even given the opportunity for provisional licenses, these jackass multi-state vertically integrated goliath’s are reaping the benefits. Hoffman needs to step up and reverse this immediately and take their licenses away and then give the opportunity to smaller cultivators, processors, and retail operations that have been extremely patient. If he does not, then this is all lip service and is it back to big cannabusiness as usual. Or, just let Shaleen Title handle it, she knows what to do. 😉

    • Ganja on

      Find me proof of them publicly “boasting” to investors about specifically owning 12 licenses. They have a program that helps fund minority companies because it is dang near impossible to find funding elsewhere…

    • Swiftomatic on

      They broke the law and took unfair advantage of smaller businesses in a state that publicly stated they did not want that.

      That’s legit the exact same thing as you saying you’re having a party, everyone can have 1 slice of cake, and that fat dude in the corner snuck off with 1/3 of the cake.

      Now you’re saying, go be his friend instead of being mad he stole your cake… The state has literally every right to be upset. SeaHunter deliberately broke their regulations for personal gain. That’s ethically and morally hazardous.

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