Massachusetts recreational marijuana stores bring in $2.6M in second week of sales

The newly launched adult-use cannabis market in Massachusetts hit $2.6 million in sales during the second week of sales, according to figures released by the state’s Cannabis Control Commission.

Data also shows that since Massachusetts’ recreational marijuana market launched Nov. 20, there have been just over $4.8 million in sales at the two stores that were allowed to open, reported.

More details about Massachusetts adult-use sales can be found here.

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4 comments on “Massachusetts recreational marijuana stores bring in $2.6M in second week of sales
  1. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Thanks for following this story, MJ Biz Daily, and especially for directing readers to the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. IMHO, the very lovely Shaleen Title should chair that commission—no offense to the dude or other members. Ms. Title is among the most inspiring legal minds on any official policy related to cannabis plants.

    It seems those sales numbers in MA are quite impressive for only two stores.

    Still, it’s easy to suspect that thousands of customers are boosting the numbers by taking serious risks, in total defiance of federal law, and crossing state borders. That is, people from Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont. I’ve seen border county sheriffs here in New York on local TV news, boasting about their authority to pull over drivers who make such “illicit” shopping trips.

    New York is slower than molasses in tolerating such an abundance of commercial enterprise.

    Instead, the magical female flowers of these plants—or any products derived from them—are still much too widely feared and hunted down. It can truly perplex someone why the seizures of cannabis plants and products ever began, let alone when they will ever end. Imagine how much national wealth has been totally squandered in all that time.

  2. Paul Kothen on

    It is very simple in the reasoning dept- POLITICS the very root of ALL evil! Money can’t line their pockets yet,but they are working on it! Please continue to waste time talking about it while the rest of the world (US included)grows their own in their basements ,closets, ECT. Same as bathtub gin in the proibition years!

  3. Lou Santos Sr. on

    Sooner or later the tax revenue will change the minds of law makers and voters. I don’t see what the big deal is liquor is so much more dangerous. The to cannot be compared alcohol kills thousands every year in many different ways. Yet marijuana can be very therapeutic .Everything is best in moderation..

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