New law in Maine expands medical cannabis businesses’ options

Maine cannabis companies hope a new law that allows medical marijuana firms to sell MMJ to one another will help the state’s industry by opening new opportunities to do business.

Here are the basics:

  • The law, which went into effect last week, allows businesses to sell up to 30% of their harvest or inventory, the Portland Press Herald reported.
  • State law previously mandated that MMJ retailers cultivate their own plants.
  • Also under the new law caregivers can open shops and hire multiple staffers.
  • In July, Maine’s legislators voted to override Gov. Paul LePage’s vetoes of two medical cannabis bills, paving the way for the new law and a host of others that are considered big wins for MMJ businesses in the state.

The Wellness Connection in Portland is one of the shops that stand to benefit from the regulatory change.

Wellness Executive Director Patricia Rosi said the company plans to use products from a variety of cultivation facilities and extraction labs.

Maine Organic Therapy Executive Director Joe Lusardi noted the new law will help businesses and cannabis caregivers work together.

The state has 50,000 registered medical marijuana patients.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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One comment on “New law in Maine expands medical cannabis businesses’ options
  1. Phil on

    Can people who grow their own medical cannabis sell their access back to the state of Maine? I was told this is allowed in Maine. Thanks

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