Maine gov vetoes bill to regulate recreational cannabis sales

As expected, Maine Gov. Paul LePage on Friday vetoed a bill to regulate sales of recreational marijuana, citing concerns such as how the Trump administration might react to states that have legalized cannabis.

His veto sets up a potential showdown when Maine lawmakers reconvene Monday.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Friday was the last day for LePage to veto the bill, which voters passed in a statewide referendum vote in 2016.
  • Legalization forces have remained hopeful they can persuade a small number of representatives who voted against the measure to support an override vote.
  • If the veto override by lawmakers fails, the original legalization initiative passed by voters would become the statute on the books. It’s not as comprehensive as the new bill but still provides guidelines for regulators.
  • These hurdles mean Maine’s recreational cannabis program may get pushed back until late next year or even early 2019.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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One comment on “Maine gov vetoes bill to regulate recreational cannabis sales
  1. kathleen on

    Intentionally shitty, vague language supplied by MPP/DPA/soros inc. allows one person to overturn the vote of Maine voters….OBSCENE….and yet after living with (fake) ‘legalization’ in CO since 2012-seeing the INCREASE of cannabis prohibitions (1,200 plus pages verses 9 pages from 1975-2010), the new pot felonies and enforcement on steroids funded by extortion level (35-45%) A64 pot taxes — Mainers should probably thank Dog they won’t have to live with the wrath of the (successful) Re-Branding of 1937 Reefer Madness as ‘legalization’. Until cannabis is regulated like tomatoes (because science, sanity and humanity REQUIRE it) — the longest WAR in the history of the US continues.

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