Maine lawmakers sign off on recreational cannabis bill

The Maine state House and Senate have approved legislation to allow legal adult-use marijuana sales in the state, likely by 2019 or 2020.

According to the Portland Press-Herald, lawmakers apparently have enough support to override a potential veto by Republican Gov. Paul LePage, who torpedoed an earlier rec implementation bill last year.

Legislation had been held up by politics since Maine voters narrowly approved legalizing retail marijuana sales in November 2016. Lawmakers and lobbyists have been trying to hammer out a deal ever since.

If the latest compromise becomes law, Republican state Sen. Roger Katz said the bill would permit municipalities to opt-in and allow rec MJ sales, while providing some tax revenues for law enforcement and public awareness campaigns.

If the bill becomes law, Maine attorney Ted Kelleher told the Press-Herald, it will likely “provide enough certainty to attract new investment” for rec cannabis companies in the state.

The compromise even made some cannabis opponents happy because it bans marijuana social clubs – a potential new avenue for the MJ industry that many entrepreneurs had hoped to tap.

The legislation also:

  • Imposes stronger limits on home growing – cutting personal limits from six plants to three – which could drive more sales at retail locations.
  • Bans cannabis deliveries and drive-thru windows.
  • Raises the tax rate on recreational sales from 10% to 20%.

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2 comments on “Maine lawmakers sign off on recreational cannabis bill
  1. Michael Rideout on

    I grow my own and don’t want to buy anyone else product given the choice, because I don’t trust the quality otherwise..just like food. I know mine is free of poisons from nutrients, fungicide and insecticide. In Maine, you will see the Grey market remain if not grow when you reduce home limits and most will ignore the law; just like we always have.
    Kids (twenty somethings)on the other hand will love it. I will never need to be a customer as long as I can work in my own garden. I would however, love to have a place (Cannabis club) in my hometown to enjoy it out with friends, just like my whiskey drinking buddy does at he Pub

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