Maine’s first medical marijuana convenience store opens for business

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What is believed to be Maine’s first medical cannabis convenience store is scheduled to open in Portland this week.

Atlantic Farms Gas N’ Grass says it will sell cannabis-infused gummies, tinctures and smokable marijuana on Thursday, the first day Maine’s new sweeping medical marijuana law takes effect.

Gas N’ Grass isn’t the first or only convenience store in the United States with an adjoining marijuana retail shop. There at least two in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“It’s not the first, but what Portland is doing is way out in front,” Jeff Lenard, spokesman for the National Association of Convenience Stores, told the Portland Press Herald.

“Given how fast states are legalizing marijuana, though, more are definitely coming.”

According to the newspaper, adults with a Maine medical marijuana card and government-issued identification will be able to buy MMJ products from a renovated walk-in cooler at Gas N’ Grass.

Gas and traditional convenience store snacks will also be available.

Jackson McLeod, one of the store’s partners, said the store will caution drivers not to use marijuana while driving.

– Associated Press