Maine seeks cannabis consultant to advise on recreational, medical rules

Maine put out feelers this week for a marijuana consultant to write regulations to launch the state’s recreational marijuana market and implement a new law governing medical cannabis.

The state Department of Administrative and Financial Services issued a request for proposals for a cannabis consultant to draft regulations to license and regulate rec MJ businesses, the Portland Press Herald reported

The consultant also will draw up MMJ rules to permit new dispensaries and allow caregivers to open retail outlets, based on a law the Legislature passed earlier this year.

Applicants must submit proposals to the state by Nov. 1. The candidates will be evaluated on experience, services and the potential impact on the state’s economy.

The state set an April 30, 2019, deadline for a consultant to develop rules required to begin adult-use cannabis sales, according to the Herald.

Maine’s voters legalized adult-use marijuana in 2016. After fits and starts owing to political squabbles, Maine is moving forward to launch its rec marijuana market, likely by 2019 or 2020.

The state’s lawmakers also recently overruled Gov. Paul LePage’s vetoes of two medical marijuana bills, paving the way for new MMJ reform in the state.

Maine requested unpaid help last year from cannabis consultants. Respondents included the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention and groups for and against marijuana legalization.

Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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3 comments on “Maine seeks cannabis consultant to advise on recreational, medical rules
  1. Mary Whanna on

    What an embarassment both Massachusetts and especially Maine have been, in dragging their feet so conspicuously and preventing recreational dispensaries from opening.

    The whole process just enflames my cynicism – – it’s vivid proof that even as the people have spoken, the sullen and resentful and spiteful politicians who don’t agree will still do what they can to defy the will of the voting populace. Disgusting.

  2. Brad Cole on

    They are f**ing around the people just as bad as they are in Massacusetts. No reason recreational marijuana could not have been rolled out in less than a year.

  3. Alice on

    It’s worse in Ohio, trust me. LePage set Maine back since he’s, well, LePage. Now we can move forward. Things take patience and time, especially the really good things in life.

    My question is about “Applicants submitting proposals by Nov. 1” is there a solid application process to follow, and application, a business plan format to follow like writing a grant? Will there be another deadline opening up after April 30, 2019 for applicants, because if there was nothing solid in place by Nov. 1, but more so by April 30, 2019, then it would seem that applying in Nov would be almost pointless.

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