Marijuana company takes blame for sparking 80-acre California wildfire

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Mendocino County, California-based marijuana distributor Flow Kana admitted that one of its employees started a fire that burned 80 acres, forcing 250 to flee the area and destroying three houses.

The Broiler Fire started July 7, and Flow Kana said an employee who was mowing grass struck a rock and caused a spark, according to SFist.

In a statement posted to Twitter by freelance reporter Sarah Stierch, Flow Kana President Jarom Fawson apologized for the fire and said the business was reaching out to affected families.

“We are mindful and vigilant of the wildfire danger that exists in our community and committed to working closely with fire officials to improve our current fire prevention program and ensure that, moving forward, we are at the forefront of wildfire prevention,” Fawson wrote.

Wildfire season started unseasonably early in California this year when blazes broke out in June.

Flow Kana did not immediately respond to MJBizDaily‘s request for comment.