Marijuana Group’s Voter Registrations Under Scrutiny in Ohio

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Ohio’s secretary of state told election officials to scrutinize new voter registrations submitted by a group pushing a marijuana legalization measure in the state, accusing a company hired to gather signatures of “sloppiness” and potentially fraudulent activity.

Jon Husted, the secretary of state, said he’s received reports that submissions by The Strategy Network contained non-existent addresses, illegible signatures and underage registrants, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Associated Press.

The Strategy Network is collecting signatures for ResponsibleOhio’s campaign to legalize medical and recreational cannabis.

ResponsibleOhio head Ian James said he’s received no indication from Husted’s office that any problems existed and that he’s “flummoxed” by the announcement, the AP reported. The group said it’s gathered more than 550,000 signatures, well over what’s needed to get its legalization proposal on the ballot.

ResponsibleOhio has been criticized for its proposed amendment to the state constitution that would allow only 10 cultivators, essentially creating what lawmakers feel is a monopoly. Two state representatives this week proposed a separate ballot initiative that would outlaw amendments to the constitution that would create monopolies.