Marijuana lounge initiative fails to make Denver ballot

A movement to legalize cannabis clubs in Denver has failed to make the November ballot, but a second ballot initiative to allow marijuana use in some bars and other businesses could still be placed before voters.

The Denver chapter of NORML failed to make the ballot with its pro-marijuana lounge initiative, having turned in just 2,987 valid signatures when the requirement was 4,726, the Denver Post reported. The organization submitted more than 7,500 signatures.

The second measure, dubbed the Neighborhood-Supported Cannabis Consumption Initiative, will either be placed on the Nov. 8 ballot or rejected by next week, a city spokesman told the Post.

If ultimately passed, it would allow businesses in the city to permit marijuana consumption on their grounds – only if the business’s decision is supported by a local neighborhood association.

Companies such as bars or restaurants that want to establish a cannabis consumption area would need to obtain a letter of either support or non-opposition from the neighborhood association, and get a permit from the city.

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One comment on “Marijuana lounge initiative fails to make Denver ballot
  1. Eric on

    We need to open up simular laws here in Oregon, and Washington, California has to wait, but that’s on them to do once they legalize Cannabis. But to force us to consume in private is to stigmatize us as legal, but shame on you for using Cannabis, this isn’t going to endear most of us to politicians who are at risk of being voted out of office. They need to loose that kind of attitude if they want the Cannabis voters votes.

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