Marijuana Marketing Firm Loses Client Over NYT Comments

Be careful what you say and how you say it.

That’s the take-away from a recent incident involving Cannabrand, a Denver-based marijuana ad agency that took it on the chin over comments its founders made in a New York Times article.

Olivia Mannix, co-founder of Cannabrand, told the Times that the company is “weeding out the stoners” and attempting to reach a higher-end clientele.

She also described many Colorado marijuana dispensaries as looking like “underground abortion clinics.”

Some professionals in the industry took issue with the comments, and Cannabrand lost at least one client as a result.

Mindful, which owns three Colorado marijuana shops, cut ties with Cannabrand, telling The Denver Post that the comments do not reflect its values and “were hurtful and insulting to the industry and to the many that have fought so hard for years in the name of patient rights and safe access.”

Cannabrand also faced backlash from other angry industry insiders, who lit into the company via social media.

Cannabrand released a statement to the Post, saying the controversial comments “did not clearly convey our stance… We support everyone in the marijuana industry.”

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3 comments on “Marijuana Marketing Firm Loses Client Over NYT Comments
  1. Richard basking on

    Mindful is playing games. When they were called Gaia, the founder’s boyfriend was quoted in this very publication saying “when banks get a taste of the money, it will be like a needle in their veins.” Seems obvious that a name change will solve many problems.

  2. Suzy on

    Every business in this market right now thinks they have “luxury” “high end” “premium” products. It sure will be fun when the market settles and real product and quality competition begins.


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