TV Ad War to Boost Florida Legalization Bid?

The heated gubernatorial battle in Florida could give efforts to legalize medical marijuana this November a huge boost, albeit unintentionally.

Current Gov. Rick Scott is looking to spend $100 million in television advertising for his re-election bid, while his opponent could shell out as much as $50 million to reach voters via TV, according to the Miami Herald.

Strategists believe the spending war will drive up the price for all political commercials ahead of the November election, including those that support or oppose medical marijuana.

The legalization effort, which is being funded in part by Orlando attorney John Morgan, now has a distinct advantage in this regard: It has $20 million in TV ad time reserved.

The opposition, on the other hand, might not be able to afford many (if any) television spots in the current climate. A spokesperson for the opposition groups Drug Free American Foundation and Save Our Society From Drugs said described the anti-medical marijuana campaign as “word of mouth” and “a grass-roots effort.”

“In an environment such as that, message-penetration can be challenging for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of money,” Kyle Roberts, president of Smart Media Group, a political ad-buying firm, told the Herald.

Medical marijuana advocates also have another advantage: According to the most recent poll, 78% of Floridians currently support legalizing MMJ.

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4 comments on “TV Ad War to Boost Florida Legalization Bid?
  1. liz allen on

    We need help in Delaware. Gov. Jack Markell has not moved one iota to bring us our medical dispensaries. We have many NORML people here who need help to get our legislature on board.

  2. dan o on

    A senator in North Carolina is drafting a bill to legalize medical cannabis. Families moving from NC to Colorado for their children to get cannabis treatments.
    Taxes and tourism wouldn’t hurt either.

  3. Tudo on

    While I think the medical cannabis petition leaves much to be desired, it’s I guess better than nothing for many people and I will support with money and vote whoever offers the most free laws regarding cannabis in fla and leave with our investments, selling our properties and relocating our business to the west coast of the usa.

  4. Tudo on

    Meanwhile the democratic party of California wrote into it’s platform the belief that cannabis should be legal for any reasons to adults in California. Hopefully the democratic party will make this part of the national platform. That includes you too Fla.

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