Cannabis rule changes afoot in Portland and rest of Oregon

Marijuana businesses in Portland as well as other Oregon cities soon could see some relief with new and pending rules from city and state regulators.

The Oregon Health Authority issued revised testing regulations this week that essentially require marijuana growers to go through the same tests, but with less frequency, for potency, solvents and pesticides, The Oregonian reported. The aim is to get more flowers, oils and marijuana-infused edibles on depleted store shelves.

The new rules take effect immediately and are designed to help rectify a supply shortage and drop in sales.

In addition, state regulators are considering changing the rules in early 2017 for marijuana testing so they are more like regulations for other agricultural crops.

Current state regulations require that cannabis go through frequent and thorough testing, while crops like grapes and apples are tested only randomly for pesticides, according to The Oregonian.

There also was good news specific to Portland, where dozens of applications for adult-use retail licenses have been stalled by the city processing bureaucracy.

City regulations mandate that retailers have a license in hand by Jan. 1 to begin operations. But the city’s top cannabis official, Amanda Fritz, promised that marijuana retailers whose applications are stuck in the backlog won’t be shut if they don’t have their recreational licenses by the deadline, the Portland Business Journal reported.

The Portland City Council also added a license category for delivery-only cannabis businesses to a marijuana regulation proposal that will be voted on next week, The Oregonian reported.

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2 comments on “Cannabis rule changes afoot in Portland and rest of Oregon
  1. Somedumbshit on

    This is one of Oregons most fluid set of regulations in hostory i would imagin .. It is interesting to see the greed that is involved in the regulation process …

  2. Matthew Cheselka on

    There are three problems with the current cannabis testing industry:

    1. Not enough labs to meet the production and manufacturing volume
    2. Of the labs that exist, current testing methods are complex, incomplete, inaccurate, and slow.
    3. For what you get, testing prices are very expensive.

    These problems suppress the growth of the industry, which is obviously very bad for business.

    Regulators are stuck and floundering because they think that HPLC, GC, and MS are the only means of doing sample testing. This is because all labs have mindlessly copied the original testing labs thrown together by Steve DeAngelo et al using the equipment they had near at hand. While these testing methodologies are great for either “in the ballpark” analysis or deep research, they are not the kind of testing that the cannabis industry needs (simple, complete, accurate, rapid, affordable).

    Industry professionals need to be made aware of the fact that cannabis testing could be done better using a rigorously validated and superior technology that will exceed the needs of producers, manufacturers, and regulators. There is a solution and I have it, but I can’t do this alone. Help!!!!

    Peace and Respect to All.

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