Marijuana Startup Tradiv Closes $1M Funding Round

Tradiv, which runs an online platform that facilitates wholesale transactions in the cannabis industry, has cemented a $1 million round of funding to help fuel its growth.

The firm formally launched on Oct. 1 after finishing a business accelerator program with CanopyBoulder in June. It was able to raise the $1 million through connections with the ArcView Group, Poseidon Asset Management, TL Partners and Anslinger Capital.

Tradiv aims to connect buyers and sellers (retailers, growers and infused products makers) of wholesales cannabis products via an online marketplace.

CEO Aeron Sullivan said Tradiv, which was founded last year in San Diego, has hired nine full-time employees and finished building out the infrastructure necessary to support its technology.

After completing the CanopyBoulder business program, the company relocated to Colorado, where it estimates there’s roughly 2,500 marijuana retailers, growers and infused product makers.

Tradiv joins two-year-old Cannabase, another Colorado online forum for wholesalers and purchasers in the marijuana industry.

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