Marijuana Trim Like ‘Gold’ in Oregon

Excess trim from marijuana leaves has become a precious commodity in Oregon, a rising marijuana market for both medical and recreational businesses. And one of the drivers behind the growing value of trim is the burgeoning market for cannabis concentrates, according to the Oregonian.

“Once considered garbage, trim has transformed into gold, fetching up to $400 a pound,” the paper reported.

Concentrates now comprise between 15-40% of the MMJ market in the state, boosting the need for trim. Companies that make concentrates convert trim into oils that can retail for between $25 and $50 a gram, with around 300 dispensaries selling shatter and wax at a brisk pace.

These companies can afford to be selective, as there’s plenty of trim available. But they are on a constant alert watching for more trim sources, the Oregonian reported.

The price of trim in Oregon has jumped from $50 a pound a few years ago, the paper reported, to around $250 now. Prices for trim high in CBD can be worth even more.

Flower still sells on the wholesale market for between $1,400 to $3,000 a pound, depending on quality.

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8 comments on “Marijuana Trim Like ‘Gold’ in Oregon
      • Leny on

        Trim is just bi-product to be used for making whatever sells like oils etc. It’s really no different than the bi-product from a slaughter house to make pet food, fertilizer etc.

        Weed now has the attention of big business, lawyers and Wall Street. Be careful what you wish for…oops…too late, you got it whether you like it or not.

        I liked the industry better when it was illegal.

    • Adam Short on

      Yeah, $250 for a lb. of trim vs. $1400+ for a lb. of flower. Stop making stoners look bad you mouth breathing moron Patty. How often do people have to eye roll at your idiocy?

  1. Kenneth Searcy on

    I’m a small time grower and I have 5lbs. Of trim and I’m wondering where I can sell it. Searching the web but can’t find any person or company.

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